Inma R.

Freelance artist.

I'm a freelance artist from Spain.
See the list of my published works below.





The Violinist and the NerdWebtoon · TapasWebtoon · Tapas
Wild Beast Forest HouseWebtoon · TapasWebtoon · Tapas
OUT (Once Upon a Time)Webtoon · Tapas--
Random Life of a Random ArtistTapas--



  • (2009) Kodomo Manga Paso a Paso [Monsa]

  • (2009) Kodomo Manga: Super Cute! [Harper Collins]

  • (2010) Shoujo Manga Paso a Paso [Monsa]

  • (2011) Shoujo Manga: Pop&Romance [Harper Collins]

  • (2011) Japonés en Viñetas 8st ed. [Norma Editorial]

  • (2011) Manga Masterclass: Kawaii [Monsa]

  • (2011) Manga Masterclass: Gotik&Punk [Monsa]

  • (2011) Kuro-E [NYA Ediciones]

  • (2012) Myths & Legends [Moemai]

  • (2012) The Guru Guru Collection -iTunes- [Martimaniac]

  • (2015) The Master Guide to Drawing Anime [Christopher Hart]

  • (2016) Doodletopia Manga [Christopher Hart]

  • (2016) The Manga Fashion Bible [Christopher Hart]

  • (2017) The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: Amazing Girls [Christopher Hart]

  • (2018) The Master Guide to Drawing Anime: Tips & Tricks [Christopher Hart]


  • (2009) O.U.T (Norma Editorial)

  • (2013-2014) 3x1 Renewal (Nowevolution)

  • (2012~hiatus) Revenge of the Queen (self-published)

  • (2020) Planeta Manga vol.3 - Illustration [Planeta Comics]

  • (2020) Planeta Manga vol.4 - Señor Unicornio (comic) [Planeta Comics]

  • (2021) Planeta Manga vol.6 - Death Waits (comic) [Planeta Comics]

  • (2020-2021) The Violinist and the Nerd [Webtoon · Tapas]

  • (2021~) Wild Beast Forest House [Webtoon · Tapas]


  • (1997) Ficomic manga contest (children's award).

  • (2001) Ficomic manga contest.

  • (2005) Ficomic manga contest.

  • (2005) Medea Wants You (manga contest).

  • (2006) Best Spanish manga award (Salon del Manga de Pizarra).

  • (2006) Best Spanish manga from 2005 (Premios Expomanga 2006).

  • (2008) Norma Editorial's III manga contest.

  • (2015) Silent Manga Audition (Grand Prix runner up).

  • (2019) CLIP STUDIO PAINT 2019-10 art tutorial (Silver prize).

  • (2019) CLIP STUDIO PAINT 2019-12 art tutorial (Silver price).

  • (2020) CLIP STUDIO PAINT 2020-04 art tutorial (Silver price).

  • (2020) CLIP STUDIO PAINT 2020-05 art tutorial (Silver price).


  • ウェポンガールズsocial game [株式会社ダンクハーツ]

  • Browser Sangokushi Mobile [Marvelous AQL]

  • Gold Rebellion [Playheart, inc]

  • 海賊魂  [Leap Wave]

  • Pazdora Z Tamer Battle [GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc. / Marvelous Inc.]

  • Sakura Beach [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Beach 2 [Winged Cloud]

  • Dragon Genesis [Gumi Inc.]

  • Magllanica Chronicle [FunClick]

  • Monster Beat [HipposLab]

  • Sakura Santa [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Shrine Girls [Winged Cloud]

  • A Little Lily Princess [Hanako Games]

  • Sakura Space [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Agent [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Gamer [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura MMO [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Gamer 2 [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura MMO 2 [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura MMO 3 [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Knight [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Knight 2 [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Knight 3 [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura MMO Extra [Winged Cloud]

  • Sakura Forest Girls [Winged Cloud]

  • (Undisclosed titles, to be added)


  • (2013) Chibi illustrations for Unico Zelo.

  • (2014) Illustration for "Magical Girl", a Spanish movie by Carlos Vermut.

  • (2014) Mascot design & illustrations for the store Anime Bento (Moe-chan).

  • (2015) New illustrations for the store Anime Bento (Moe-chan).

  • (2015) Illustration for Anime North Texas mascot.

  • (2015) Illustration and design for Omnicon mascot.

  • (2015) Illustration and design for Anime Austin mascot.

  • (2015) Illustration and design for Louisianime mascot.

  • (2018) Illustration of Louisianime mascot.

  • (2018) Illustration of Anime Austin mascot.

  • (2019) Azur Lane anniversary badges.

  • (2020) Illustration of Louisianime mascot.

  • (2014-2020) Illustrations for Danmaku!! [Mystery Parfait]

  • (2019-2021) CLIP STUDIO PAINT tutorials [Celsys]


Please, read everything before sending your request.
After you read everything, fill the form:

OCs / fanartMecha / Furry / heavy armor
  • For personal use only (this includes YouTube/Twitch videos even if monetized. For more info about a specific case, contact me using the button below).

  • Not first come first serve. I will check all requests and select.

  • I will post your commission to my social media, always explaining it's yours. If you want the commission to be private, it will be treated as a commercial work (see the "OTHER" section at the bottom).


  • Simple background (or blank bg if requested).

  • 14.8 x 21 cm PNG file at 350dpi (if you need a bigger size, fees might apply).


  • Paypal only.

  • Payment is due within 3 days after I send your invoice.


  • I will start working on your commission after payment is received.

  • I will show you a sketch for you to approve or request changes.

  • After the sketch is approved by you, no more changes will be made and I will finish the illustration.

  • You'll be able to request amendments to the colors if anything's wrong on the final piece.


  • I guarantee you will receive your commission finished within a month after payment is received (unless unexpected circumstances happen, like medical issues or if you take too long to approve the sketch).

  • I will not take many slots at once to ensure I can meet the deadline given to you.

  • OTHER:

  • If you're a company and you want art for a commercial project, extra fees will apply. Please, e-mail me to explain what you need and receive a quote.

------ART SAMPLES------

For more art samples, visit my Instagram:



Type1 character2 characters
Bust up50€(Unavailable)
Waist up90€150€
Full body120€200€

Solid coloring (anime cell style)

Type1 character2 characters
Bust up70€(Unavailable)
Waist up130€200€
Full body200€300€

Watercolor coloring

Type1 character2 characters
Bust up85€(Unavailable)
Waist up150€240€
Full body230€360€